Advanced prostate cancer detection

The two main types of imaging used to detect prostate cancer are ultrasound and MRI. Now a new technology can actually “fuse” the scan of an MRI taken earlier with the live, real-time images of the prostate captured through ultrasound in the patient’s rectum – providing an incredibly detailed, 360˚ map of the prostate.

This amazing 3-D image can be manipulated on the computer screen so Dr. Matteucci can view it from every angle and highlight the suspicious area within the image.

Very few urologists anywhere in the country have the necessary knowledge, equipment and software to practice fusion imaging. Dr. Matteucci is one of those specialists.

He’ll use that detailed 3-D image to carefully guide the biopsy needles precisely to the lesion he wants to sample.

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MRI Fusion

Advanced prostate cancer detection with ultrasound and MRI fusion.

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